Meldrick Bob Udos

Djembe, Iban Drum, Percussionist & Drummer

Started being involved in music at the very young age as 10 years old, playing the drums.

Collaborated with various types of bands in Sarawak, Thailand, and the Philippines as a sessionist drummer and percussionist for exposure and to gain more experience.

Inspired by a Sape’ master under the Malaysian National Heritage, known as Mathew Ngau Jau, Bob slowly started learning some of the traditional percussions from Sarawak such as Bedok, Kidibad, and Ketebung. Bob is also exposed to other Latin percussions, such as Conga, Djembe, and Cajon.

Learning the roots of the Bidayuh and Iban traditional drumbeat from the senior from his village. He is also learning to play the groove and drumming about djembe and conga from the world famous percussionist, Steve Thorton and joined workshops conducted by a Djembe educator, Timothy Dabrowsky.

Key member of the DrumCall Community in Sarawak and has performed throughout regions as a traditional drum player, drummer, percussionist, and as a solo Djembe player.