Jackson Lian Ngau (Lian)
Serutong (Bamboo Zither), Traditional Bidayuh Bass drum, Rainstick, Daf frame drum
Ngajat Orang Ulu, Warrior Dance, Welcoming Dance, Ngajat geleput (ngajat nyumpit/hunter)

Following in his parents' footsteps, Lian became involved in cultural music and dance at a very young age. He developed a profound level of skill in traditional dance (Ngajat) and is active in playing traditional musical instruments. He plays Perutong, a Bidayuh bamboo zither. He refers to himself as a modern warrior with a mission to save cultural traditions from dying in this modern world. He believes that by saving and loving our own traditions and respecting other traditions, we can promote peace in the world. He has performed with Lan E Tuyang band, has made multiple world tours in Europe to promote Sarawak and the culture of Borneo through the performance of Kenyah traditional warrior dance & Music.

Email : lian@atadau.com