Our Core Value

"Borneo To The World"

At Adau is a Experimental World Music Band from Borneo, incorporating Bornean traditional musical instruments into its music by infusing sounds from the Sape (traditional string instrument), Perutong (traditional bamboo zither), Bidayuh Bass Drum, Jatong Utang (wooden xylophone) with other contemporary instruments from around the world, to show the beauty of Bornean musical instruments and its enchanting sounds in a way many people around the world can accept and share the magic that music is known to be about.

At Adau is dedicated to:
1. Appreciating and preserving Tradition
We value our traditional ways and culture as well as respect our culture in life as in music that has been passed down generations to generations. That is where our roots begin and where we are growing from into what we aspire to be in the future. We have a deep appreciation for our roots and we would love to keep the legacy and promote a greater understanding and love of our traditions and culture in music for the generations to come.
2. Conserving our environment
Earth is our home and we have not been taking care of our natural environment, thus the damage we have been doing must be repaired. We as members of the human race must unite to save our home. We are all aware of global environmental issues which threaten our homes and families, thus we are working to spread the awareness and help to educate people around us to conserve, protect, love and preserve our beautiful natural environment. From the lush rich rainforests, to the bountiful jungles, and flowing rivers not forgetting the wondrous mountains we have in Borneo and around the world which is priceless not only for us but for all of mankind.
3. Giving back to the community
At Adau lives by the belief that music does contribute to the healing process and it is with that belief rooted deep in the band member’s soul that we would like to contribute to healing our community and making the world a better place for everyone. We would like to use our music to heal weary souls and send hope where hope is lost, inspire love and bring light to those in darkness who are in need. Music has power to penetrate all hearts regardless gender, ideological, cultural differences, thus through this powerful tools, we want to use our music to contribute towards make our world to a better place for all of humanity.